I am cranky today, and I was also cranky yesterday.  I think it was cause I had a dream that I was walking around Harbor, and the houses were all lit, and it was snowy, and I missed it.  A lot.  Also, I do not like waking up with headaches.  These headaches are most likely caused by too much bread eating and not enough vegetable nutrients cause, you know, when you slow cook fully-peeled veggies for like an hour, you're really not eating anything, and later on they don't really like to come out if you know what I mean.  Crankiness is not having any sort of control over my physical well-being.

I dream about the following...

really any raw vegetable
clean cuddly dogs
sriracha and egg and rice
movie marathons
personal space

I suppose that's about it at the moment.

Don't get me wrong.  Things are fine and dandy, and I am chuggin' along.  Love.

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